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It's Time to Review Your Coverage for the Winter Season

With summer safely in the rearview mirror, it's time to start looking forward to cooler temperatures and the winter season. Some areas of the country have already experienced their first snowfall, and that means it's time to review your insurance coverage as it pertains to the winter weather.

Auto Coverage

Winter travel increases the need for roadside assistance because winter driving is a higher risk. With less daylight, slippery roads and inclement weather, you may need roadside assistance for emergency fuel delivery, windshield repair, jumping your battery or even winching if you slide off the road. This is a great time to review your coverage and deductibles.

Homeowner Coverage

Protecting your home in the winter takes many forms. Your homeowner insurance coverage can help with things like frozen pipes and damage from trees falling on your home due to ice or winter storms. Claim preventative measures include cleaning the chimney, clearing the walk of snow and/or ice, cleaning the gutters, removing hoses from outside of the house, shutting off water if leaving the home for an extended period, and keeping thermostat set at a temperature to prevent pipes from freezing.

Watercraft and Recreational Vehicles

If you are storing your watercraft, motorhome or recreational vehicle for the winter, you may be able to reduce the coverage for the season, saving you some money as you head into the holiday season.

Need more information about what your coverage includes? Call 855-307-8652 to speak to an agent to review your policies and make the changes you need for the winter season today.