Proxy Voting Benefits

Armed Forces Insurance Exchange Proxy Voting benefits you, as a member

Armed Forces Insurance Exchange is a different kind of insurance company. Most insurance companies write insurance for everyone and are owned by stockholders or private equity firms whose goal is to maximize stockholder profits.

Armed Forces Insurance Exchange is an uncommon “reciprocal exchange” insurance entity that was created specifically to serve members of the United States armed forces and is owned by you, our eligible members.

We have each other’s sixes

As part of our exchange collective agreement with each other, our members agree to mutually insure each other against unexpected financial harm. We agree to join forces to both support each other and to provide a more cost-effective way of providing the unique insurance protection we need. Armed Forces Insurance Exchange pricing does not include additional profit margins for stockholders or private equity firms, but our prices are based on the actual losses of our members, the cost to process our member’s claims and the overhead needed to run the exchange – that’s it.

What are we voting for?

Since members are owners of our exchange, they have the opportunity to elect members to represent their interests in the governance of the exchange in the Subscriber Advisory Committee or SAC.

The candidates for members of the SAC go through an extensive vetting process. They must commit to working with both our membership and management team to take care of the ever-changing insurance needs of our members in the fairest and most cost-effective way possible.

Why should I vote?

Your vote matters. Decisions are made by members who participate. As a member of Armed Forces Insurance Exchange, your vote at the annual meeting:

  • Allows you to participate in the governance of your insurance exchange.
  • Is your right as a member and owner of Armed Forces Insurance Exchange.
  • Is how you elect your advocates to the Subscriber Advisory Committee?
  • Legitimizes your SAC representatives, enabling them to govern the exchange on your behalf.

When and how do I vote?

Cast your vote in person at the Armed Forces Insurance Annual Meeting in Leavenworth, Kansas on June 20, 2024. If you can’t attend the Annual Meeting in person, you can provide your proxy vote to give your SAC representative the right to vote on your behalf. Simply vote online or return your paper proxy. Emails and printed proxies will go out the week of May 6.

Proxy Voting is now easier than ever – we’ve streamlined the voting process. It only takes a couple minutes, so please take a few minutes to support your Exchange.

Armed Forces Insurance: your trusted advisor

Armed Forces Insurance has been a trusted advisor to American service members for more than 135 years. If you’re preparing to cast your proxy SAC vote, then you probably already know that we’re not a giant corporate skyscraper full of slick insurance executives. We’re a small company headquartered just down the road from Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. We know each other, and our members know us. Life is all about change. When your life changes bring new insurance needs, remember we’re here to help protect your home, business or other property. Because no matter how life changes, one thing stays the same: Our Mission is You®.

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When and how to cast your vote

It’s almost time to cast your vote. Emails and printed proxies will be go out the week of May 6. If you can’t attend the Armed Forces Insurance Annual Meeting in person, you can provide your proxy vote to give your SAC representative the right to vote on your behalf.