It's PCS time again!

It’s that time of the year again! And if you’re a military family preparing for a move, there are a few things related to your insurance that you’ll want to think about. Our AFI agents work with military families who are PCSing each year, so give us a call before you move so we can help you figure out what policies may need to change and what may or may not be covered during your move.

If you’re changing states, or adding or subtracting a vehicle or driver, you’ll want to make sure your policy is up-to-date and you’re fully covered. You’ll also want to think about how your insurance coverage may need to change when your address does. A new home policy may be in order, or you may need to add vacant home coverage or renters insurance. It can seem complicated with closing dates and rental contracts, but we’re here to help.

One important thing to remember is the specifics about your household goods and how they are transported. Watch the moving company carefully, as improper packing, rough handling and damage caused while loading and unloading are not covered by your home or renters insurance.

You have enough to do during PCS season, let AFI help you with the insurance questions. Remember, we move with you, so you can check peace of mind and consistent coverage off your list. Call your agent today at 855-307-8652 to review your policies.