Have a college student heading back to school? Get a renter insurance policy

Whether your college student is living in the dorm, apartment, or in a private house, it's amazing how much stuff they actually bring with them to school: computers, iPads, books, clothing, jewelry, bicycles and televisions. Somehow, students find a way to pack all that - and more - into their cramped college quarters.

But what should happen if your child suffers a loss, whether through burglary, damage from natural disaster, or even a broken pipe that causes flooding? Without coverage, your student would be responsible for the financial replacement of all missing or damaged items. And, if the damaged or stolen item is a computer, your student could be looking at more than just a financial disaster if they don’t have the funds to buy a new computer immediately. This is why it is absolutely important that your college student’s belongings are properly insured.

Here are some great reasons why it is important to ensure your student is covered with a Renter Insurance policy.

It's affordable - On average, it costs less than $20 a month, depending on coverage.

To protect your belongings - If destroyed or stolen, iPods, iPads, TVs, computers, jewelry and much more could be replaced under a renter insurance policy. Landlord's policies will cover structural damage, but not your personal property.

To protect against the unexpected - If a fire or a burst pipe destroys your belongings, renter insurance will likely cover the replacement of your belongings, subject to the limits of your policy.

To assist you if a fire causes your home to be unlivable - Your renter insurance policy can potentially cover additional living expenses until you can return.

To protect visitors in your home - Liability protection under a renter policy can cover medical or legal expenses if a guest is injured in your rental property.

Unplanned events like fire and theft can make you realize how much your belongings are really worth. To avoid finding out after it's too late call us at 800-255-6792.

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