Reasons Your Homeowner Insurance May Have Gone Up

Prices are going up everywhere due to supply chain issues and record-high inflation, including homeowner insurance rates. Some of the reasons your bill may have increased are simply out of your control.

  1. Labor and construction costs have increased. Part of your coverage is based on how much it will cost to rebuild your home if it were a total loss, and since the cost of reconstruction is higher now, your premium has increased.
  2. Natural disasters are on the rise. If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, you may see this reflected in an increased premium.
  3. Your home’s age. As your property gets older it runs a higher risk of damage and loss. Things start to need to be replaced, like your HVAC or plumbing, and structural damage is more likely to occur. This may increase your premium as well.


With all these things working against you and increasing your premium, are there any options to lower it again? There are some ideas including smart home technology to help monitor risks and you can also increase your deductible. Call 855-307-8652 today and talk to your AFI representative to see if other options may help lower your premium.