Million Mile Project

On August 15th, 2020 The Armed Forces Insurance 2020-2021 Military Spouse of the Year® Branch Winners launched the “Million Mile Project” (MMP) to help bring awareness to Suicide Prevention efforts for our Military Families. 

Suicide among active duty service members and veterans continues to climb and that is something we hope to bring awareness to.  According to a recent study by Thomas Howard Suitt, III from Boston University it is estimated that “30,177 active duty personnel and veterans of the post 9/11 wars have died by suicide, significantly more than the 7,057 service members killed in the post-9/11 war operations.”  Many factors contribute to this growing issue, which is one reason we feel talking about such a sensitive topic is important. Opening up a conversation about this issue is not easy but it is necessary.

Thankfully many resources and organizations exist to help service members and veterans to work on healing the wounds that are not visible.  We encourage people to get out and be active if possible as exercise can also provide many health benefits both physically and mentally. Go for a walk with a friend, it doesn’t cost any money and most people can do this anytime and anywhere. 

That’s why we’d love for you and anyone you know to join “The Million Mile Project'' to spread awareness of this growing issue and share stories, struggles and triumphs. Together, our goal is to reach 1 Million Miles by accumulating miles walked, ran, swam, biked, skated etc.

To join our movement simply visit “The Million Mile Project” on Facebook.  You will find information on how to track your miles using our mileage tracker or by joining our club on Strava.  We love the option of the Strava app since today most people have smart phones or smart watches to track their workouts. Through our club on Strava we can also cheer each other on as we complete workouts and post photos to share with one another.  As of July 1st, 2021 our community has reached 44,678 miles.

We will be kicking off our 2nd Annual 22 Day Challenge on August 15th and going for 22 days-through September 5th leading into Suicide Prevention Week. Together we are stronger, and although we can’t all be together physically, we can unite to bring awareness to an issue that has touched so many of us.