Protect Yourself From Storm Damage Scam Artists!

In the event of storm damage to your property, beware of contractors that come to your door and offer to make repairs to your home. If you agree to let the contractor make repairs to your home, it is important that you never pay for repairs up front, and don’t sign an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) form to get the repairs started.

An AOB is an agreement between a homeowner and a contractor that transfers the homeowner insurance policy benefits and rights from the homeowner to the contractor.

How does an AOB impact you, the insured?

  • You are signing your rights and benefits of your insurance policy to a third party.
  • Armed Forces Insurance may only be permitted to communicate directly with the third party and you may lose all rights to the insurance claim, including the right to make any decisions regarding the claim or even repairs.
  • The third party may be able to endorse checks on your behalf.
  • The third party may file suit against your insurance company. In many cases, without you even knowing.
  • When a suit is filed, you are named as a party to the suit which means you could spend countless hours in depositions as well as other court-related activities.

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