Car Hacking

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5 Steps Help Keep Your Vehicle Safe from High-Tech Auto Pirates

As cars become more computerized and connected to the Internet, criminals are less likely to break in than they are to hack in by using a laptop. In the end, protecting yourself and your car comes down to common sense and to making your vehicle as unappealing as possible to auto pirates.

No car is theft-proof, but these five steps will slow down thieves attempting to break or hack in to your vehicle:

  • Cover the basics. Lock your car, park in well-lit or public areas and never leave another car key anywhere in the vehicle.
  • Consider etching your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on windows and engine parts so authorities can ID a car if it's stolen.
  • Use multiple warning devices, such as car alarms, steering wheel locks and gear-shift locks.
  • Install GPS and immobilization devices, this includes smart keys and kill switches.
  • Never leave documents, purses or wallets in the car. The trunk isn't a safe place either-thieves always check here.