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Do you have a change of address? Make sure AFI knows!

One of the best things about being part of the AFI family is that we move with you. Let us know if you’ve recently PCSed, moved off an installation, or bought or sold a house! We want to ensure you have the correct insurance coverage for your housing situation and that your coverage is for your current address.

If you moved from a home you owned to a rental – or moved into government housing – it’s time to change from homeowner insurance to renter insurance. Did this PCS mean you bought a new house? Your AFI agent can help you figure out our new coverage needs. We even need to know if you made any changes to your home, like a new roof or window replacement. These updates can change the coverage you need, and you won’t want to be caught short if something happens.

Realtors and landlords don’t contact us when these things change, so make sure you do. Contact one of our dedicated agents today at 855-307-8652 to discuss these changes.