2018 Great American Patriot Award

Team Rubicon, an international disaster response nonprofit organization, was the recipient of the 2018 Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl Great American Patriot Award. Presented by Armed Forces Insurance, the Great American Patriot Award honors a candidate in recognition of their exemplary service to the United States.

Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans to rapidly provide relief, free of charge, to communities in need following disaster. Since its founding in 2010, Team Rubicon has been involved in more than 300 disaster operations in 19 countries, including Hurricanes Harvey, Sandy, Michael, Florence, Irma and Maria, and the 2013 Moore tornado.

During the operations, more than 14,000 volunteers, known as Greyshirts, have generated the equivalent of more than $22 million in volunteer labor for communities in need. Team Rubicon currently maintains a roster of more than 92,000 volunteers who are able to deploy throughout the United States and world whenever or wherever disaster strikes.

"On behalf of the selfless and committed volunteers at Team Rubicon, we are all honored to receive the Great American Patriot Award," said Jake Wood, CEO and Cofounder of Team Rubicon. "The majority of Team Rubicon's members served our country, and it is their spirit of service that drives them to continue serving and leading in their communities even after they've taken off the uniforms of our armed forces."

"Armed Forces Insurance is very proud to present the Great American Patriot Award to Team Rubicon," said Lt Gen Sid Clarke, US Air Force, Retired, Chairman, Armed Forces Insurance. "Team Rubicon Greyshirts consistently demonstrate exemplary service through their passion and volunteerism. What motivates them is the idea that serving those in need, particularly during their darkest hour, is a core value known as service before self."

Candidates for the award must be of high moral fiber and good character, having spent their lives and/or careers serving the common good of the United States. They should have gone beyond the call of duty to serve and protect this country, with proven dedication and loyalty in upholding the Constitution and the laws of the nation. Finally, the Great American Patriot Award winner should have worked tirelessly to make the U.S. a better and safer place for all its citizens.

Team Rubicon joins a prestigious group of previous Great American Patriot Award recipients that includes Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, General Mark Welsh, General Peter Pace, Medal of Honor Recipient Salvatore Giunta, Admiral William McRaven, General Norton A. Schwartz, Congresswoman Kay Granger, among others.