Let's Continue to Celebrate Military Kids

AFI employees wearing purple for Month of the Military Child

April was the Month of the Military Child, where we take time to celebrate the 1.2 million military children around the globe. Learn about what makes military children unique by reading 5 Unique Facts About Military Children and Their Families by Blake Stillwell for Military.com.

Military children are amazing. They move often, go months without seeing a parent, live far away from doting grandparents, and aren’t sure where to call home. In April, we celebrated them during the Month of the Military Child, a commemoration started in 1986 by Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger.

Organizations throughout the Department of Defense honored military kids during April in several ways, including wearing purple on April 15th, honoring those military kids who have gone above and beyond in their communities, and offering some discounts and prizes throughout the month.

The best way to honor a military kid, however, is to recognize that their life is a little different, a little harder, and a little lonelier. We can do this every day throughout the year. And maybe throw in some cookies, as well.