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Do You Have A College Student Heading Back To School?

Flood Insurance

Whether your college student is living in the dorm, apartment, or in a private house, it's incredible how much stuff they bring with them to school. From computers to iPads, clothing to jewelry, bicycles to televisions, and those expensive textbooks! Somehow, students find a way to pack all that - and more - into their cramped college quarters.

But what should happen if someone breaks into your student's apartment or the dorms flood during a hurricane? Without insurance coverage, your student (and you!) would be responsible for the financial replacement of all missing or damaged items. And, if the damaged or stolen item is a computer, your student could be looking at more than just a financial disaster, their school work is probably lost too! These examples are why your college student's belongings must be adequately insured.

Here are some great reasons why it is important to ensure your student is covered with a Renter Insurance policy.

It's affordable - On average, it costs less than $20 a month, depending on coverage. It protects their stuff. If destroyed or stolen, iPods, iPads, TVs, computers, jewelry, and much more could are replaceable under a renter insurance policy. Landlord's policies will cover structural damage, but not your personal property.

To protect against the unexpected - If a fire or a frozen pipe destroys their dorm room or apartment, renter insurance will likely cover the replacement of what was lost.

It keeps them safe.- If fire wreaks havoc on your college student's residence, the renter insurance policy can potentially cover additional living expenses until they can return.

Kids are one great reason to have all of your insurance coverage squared away. You started with increasing your auto insurance coverage when they started driving, and you still want them protected while away at college. We can help keep your kids safe as they mature and grow, contact your AFI representative to find the best fit for your college student and their renter insurance.