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Tips for a Fun and Safe Family Vacation

Tips for having a safe and fun family vacation

  • Use a PIN-based ATM card instead of a debit card.
  • Leave your checkbook, your debits cards and all but two credit cards at home.
  • Closely watch who has your credit cards and for how long. Frequently check credit and bank account activity on a secure computer or by phone.
  • Tell your banks and credit card companies about your travel plans, and give them your cell phone number in case they notice unusual charges.
  • Don't access personal or financial information on public computers, and make sure, when using your own laptop, that the wireless system you're using is legitimate and secure.
  • Use a hotel safe when available. Your hotel is not your castle. Assume your locked hotel door will never be "locked." Many people you don't know will have access to your hotel room.
  • Never leave personal information in a rental car.
  • Never share specific vacation plans on social networking sites.