Learn how switching to Paperless Billing and EFT today can benefit YOU!

Person typing in payment info into laptop computer

You may have noticed that the mail is running slower than normal. Even after the rush of the holidays passed, the postal service is having a hard time handling the volume of mail going back and forth.

Included in this delay are important papers sent from AFI and any payments mailed to us. There is currently no timeline that addresses this problem, nor an explanation of why this is still a problem.

There are ways we can help fix that when it comes to receiving your AFI statements and making your payments.

Choose Paperless Billing to:

  • help reduce the risk of lost statements and mail fraud

  • reduce clutter

  • receive email alerts when your bill is ready, instead of being dependent on the mail

Choose Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to also:

  • save time – no more opening statements and writing checks

  • guarantee payments are received on time, and don’t become past due

Signing up is easy, register or login to AFIconnect and enroll in Paperless Billing and EFT today, or call a Payment Representative at 800-524-9325

If you’re not ready to switch, you can always make a payment securely through AFIconnect.