Protect Your Second Home

Your vacation home is made for fun filled getaways and wonderful memories, not worries. But protecting your property from potential burglary or losses from a natural disaster is important for peace of mind.

The good news is that keeping your vacation or second home safe and secure is made easier with these simple tips:

  • Purchase a security camera(s) for the outside of the property.
  • Purchase a security system for the inside of your house. Some security systems come with internal video monitoring and motion sensors, which can be set as you leave and allow you to see inside your home when away.
  • Invest in a doorbell with video and voice capabilities. There are many types of doorbells that alert you to motion outside the door and allow you to speak to a visitor through a speaker.
  • Consider putting a few lights on automatic timers.
  • Ensure all your entry doors are strong, with either a solid or metal core.
  • Do not leave spare keys outside, such as under a rock or a mat. It’s wiser to give the key to a trustworthy neighbor.
  • Consider hiring a landscaping service to periodically clean up the surrounding exterior, giving it the appearance that it is lived in all year round.
  • Turn off the water when you leave the residence and leave the heat and/or air conditioning at an appropriate temperature setting to prevent pipe breaks and freezes.
  • Get to know your neighbors and ensure they have all your contact information. They can help alert you if there is a natural disaster or if the house appears to be damaged.