Prevent Excessive Damage from Water Heater Losses

When a hot water heater fails, the costs associated with that failure can rise rapidly. Not only is the repair or replacement of the water heater expensive – often costing hundreds of dollars – but the damage around the failed water heater can bring the cost into the thousands. You can prevent these unwelcome expenses by properly maintaining your water heater and inspecting it regularly. Here are some tips to help you avoid damage:

  • Flush and clean the water heater twice a year to clear out sediment and mineral deposits
  • Check the sacrificial anode rod(s) every 2 years to prevent rusting
  • Verify that the water pressure is no higher than 80 psi every 4-6 months

Most residential water heaters hold up to 80 gallons of water and approximately 69% of water heater failures are the result of a slow leak or sudden burst. Here are some signs of water heater failure:

  • Water is cooler than normal or doesn't heat up at all
  • Rusty-colored water coming from faucets
  • Noises such as popping, crackling or rumbling coming from the water heater
  • Metallic taste in drinking water
  • Rust on the bottom of the water heater
  • Accumulation of water or puddles under the water heater

Make sure to keep up on your water heater maintenance, or it could turn into a disaster. Avoiding this type of loss not only saves you from dealing with a water mess but also saves you from paying an out of pocket deductible for a homeowner insurance claim. If you have questions about your coverage please call us at 855-307-8652