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Top 10 Garage Door Security Tips to Prevent Break-Ins

garage door opening

You may not have given it much thought, but your garage door could be a security risk. When you pass an open garage door, have you ever thought twice about it? Probably not, especially if there is a work truck in the driveway.

Garage doors pose several security risks, especially as they open into the house, and that door is not typically one you think of locking. If your garage door has windows, they can allow others to look in and scope out what you have in the garage. They are also a point of entry into your garage.

It’s not all bad news, however. Here are some ways you can secure your garage and your home.

  1. Take the garage door remote out of our car. If your vehicle is vandalized, the thief will now have your garage door remote and your address from the registration in the glove box.
  2. Use a key chain opener. Buy a key chain garage door opener and leave it on your keys, reducing the visibility of it in your car.
  3. Secure your garage door. The emergency release on your garage door is important, but also easily used by thieves to bypass the door and gain entry. This demonstration from Imminent Threat Solutions shows how you can disable that entry option, but still have the emergency release as an option.
  4. Lock the door to the house. Most people do not think about locking the door from the garage to the house, but by putting a deadbolt on the door and locking it, you can create an extra layer of security.
  5. Secure that locked door. Beyond just locking the door and installing a deadbolt, make the door secure. Perhaps a more solid door or an anti-kick device is necessary.
  6. Close the garage door. Get out of the habit of leaving the garage door open. An open door allows people to look inside your garage and sneak in the garage when you aren’t looking. Close the door every time to minimize the security risk.
  7. Install a peephole in the door. Just like the peephole in the front door, you can use one on the door to the garage to see what that strange noise is, instead of opening the door to it.
  8. Cover your garage windows. Close the blinds, cover the windows, or invest in frosted windows to stop people from looking inside your garage.
  9. Lock the garage door when you’re out of town. Use a padlock to manually lock the garage door when on vacation. You can use a c-clamp tightened down on each side of the door track to effectively “lock” down the door if you don’t have a padlock.
  10. Maintain the garage door. Older garage doors have a higher security risk. Make sure you keep an eye out for rust and corrosion, as well as checking the frame and hinges.

Just as with any door to your house, your garage door stands between the outside world and your family. Keep your family and your possessions safe by reducing the risk of your garage door. For more ideas to keep your house safe read how to secure your home from burglary.