Car Breakdown Safety

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Many driving situations may cause you to be on the side of the road, alone. Whether in an accident or if your car breaks down, there are some things to consider safety wise. Make sure you keep the safety of everyone in mind when deciding to move a vehicle or leave it behind.

Depending on where your vehicle breaks down, you may be able to safely change a tire or check the fluids in the engine. But in some situations, like a busy intersection or a highway, it may not be a safe option. Here are some tips to help you keep safety foremost in your mind.

  • Get to a safe place. Try to get your vehicle out of the flow of traffic into a safe place. Avoid exiting the car if you are in the flow of traffic.
  • Use your hazard lights. Put on your hazard lights to let people know that you are not keeping up with the flow of traffic. Keep your running lights on as well. 
  • Use flares or cones. If you have flares, cones, or some way to mark your location, do so. The more notice oncoming traffic has of your vehicle, the safer you will be.
  • Choose your safety over the safety of your car. While it is tempting to want to protect your vehicle from oncoming traffic, your car is replaceable. Make sure to use your best judgment to get yourself to safety first.

Car breakdowns are common, so make sure you review these safety tips regularly to stay prepared and safe in all roadside situations.