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7 Back-to-School Driving Safety Tips

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Whenever school goes back in session, there are more inexperienced drivers and more frenzied parents than before. Traffic increases around pickup and dropoff times, and reduced speed limits. There's a lot of change that can make driving during the back-to-school time frame more dangerous. 

The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) has a great list of back-to-school driving safety tips for parents and young drivers. Reducing the distractions in the car will help reduce the accidents we see from young drivers. 

Always wear seat belts - There's no reason to drive without a seat belt. Luckily, cars alert you when the driver or passenger is not wearing one. If you're driving others, politely ask them to wear theirs, if they don't do it automatically. 

Allow for extra travel time  - When you add school speed limits, new drivers, and those unfamiliar with their routes, the potential for accidents increases. Allow a little extra time and be patient of those who are less experienced with driving.

Follow the speed limit - Always be aware of changes in speed limits, especially around schools and construction zones.

Avoid distracted driving - No texting, no cellphone use, and encourage any passengers to keep the volume down to limit distracted driving.

Double-check paperwork - Before hitting the road, make sure you have an updated registration, insurance cards, and that your driver's license is valid. Sometimes these deadlines sneak up on you.

Distracted driving is not only a problem for younger, less experienced drivers but for all drivers. Back to school is a great time to remind everyone to keep their eyes on the road and drive carefully.