Subscribers' Advisory Committee

The Subscribers' Advisory Committee (SAC) is made up of subscribers and oversees the operations of the Attorney-in-fact to assure conformity with the subscriber's agreement and power of attorney for the benefit of all subscribers.

The committee is composed of up to nine individuals, eight of whom are elected to a three year term of office and the President serving as an ex-officio member. The election for committee members is held no later than 30 June and ballots are distributed to all members.

The duties and responsibilities of Subscribers' Advisory Committee are:

  • Supervise the Attorney-in-fact's operations
  • Act as trustees of Subscribers' stock
  • Supervise the finances of AFI
  • Advise in the selection of accountants for annual statements


2023 - 2024 Subscribers' Advisory Committee 

Chief Master Sergeant Danny R. Walker, Air National Guard, Retired
SAC Chair

Lieutenant Colonel Michelle M.E. Garcia, Army, Retired
SAC Vice-Chair

Mr. Arlen L. Briggs, President/CEO (ex officio)

Colonel Norman D. Greczyn, Army, Retired

Lieutenant Colonel Randy T. Johnson, Army, Retired

Dr. Christina D. Love

Colonel David L. Musgrave, Army, Retired

Colonel Kay K. Wakatake, Army, Retired