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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the business operations of the Attorney-in-fact. The directors serve for a three year term and are elected by the Subscribers' Advisory Committee, which represents the subscribers' interests. The election occurs at the annual Stockholders' meeting in June.

2020 - 2021 Board of Directors

Lieutenant General Stanley E. Clarke III, Air Force, Retired 
Chairman, Board of Directors

Colonel Joyce P. DiMarco, Army, Retired
SAC Chairman

Lieutenant Colonel Michael J. Yaguchi, Air Force, Retired
SAC Vice-Chairman

Colonel Norman D. Greczyn, Army, Retired

Mrs. Dana M. Abella

Ms. Becky S. Blades

Mr. Arlen L. Briggs
President / CEO (ex officio)

Mr. Thomas M. Fogt

Colonel Myron J. (Mike) Griswold, Army, Retired

Mr. Paul E. Heacock

Lieutenant Colonel Randy T. Johnson, Army, Retired

Ms. Lucille K. Pittard

Mr. Ken A. Selzer

Chief Master Sergeant Danny R. Walker, Air National Guard, Retired

Mr. George J. Zock