Military Marriage Day

Military Marriage Day Set to Celebrate Both Oaths and Vows of Military Couples Amid Higher Divorce Rates of Deployed Military Members

B. Carroll Events presents Military Marriage Day (MMD), an annual event designed to celebrate both oaths and vows of U.S. military couples. The second annual event, sponsored by Armed Forces Insurance, will kick-off virtually on Saturday, August 14, 2021, with an overarching vision to build strong relationships through inspiring moments and greater growth and connection to military couples.

In 2019, Military One Source reported that 30,608 active duty, guard, and reserve marriages ended in divorce. A recent study by the career website Zippia looked at professions with the highest divorce rates among those under 30, based on the U.S. Census Bureau data. Three of the top ten professions involved military jobs. First-line enlisted military supervisors had the highest divorce rate, at 30 percent. According to other studies, deployed military members in the U.S. Navy, Marines, Army, and Air Force have higher than average divorce rates. The Air Force had the highest rate, at 14.6 percent, with the Navy at over 12.5 percent and the other two branches as high as 8 percent. The impact of these statistics sends ripples that fracture service families, hinder the mission, and causes financial strain and stress to an already challenging lifestyle.

MMD was created and founded at the height of the pandemic, by Bree Carroll, 2020-2021 Armed Forces Insurance Air Force Spouse of the Year®, during a time when maintaining healthy relationships seemed harder than usual. As a military marriage coach, Carroll created a safe space that celebrated military couples and provided resources to strengthen pandemic-stressed marriages.

"It is more than just a holiday; the divorce rate isn't lost upon us, and we are determined to equip couples through our Military Marriage Resource Directory," said Carroll, which will serve as a support to all active, retired, and reserve married couples.

"As an event sponsor, at AFI, Our Mission is You®, and we wholeheartedly support this movement to celebrate the member and spouses' commitment to service and one another," said Lori Simmons, Lori Simmons, VP & Chief Marketing Officer at Armed Forces Insurance.

"First Command is proud to continue our sponsorship of Military Marriage Day," said Kellie Richter, First Command's Chief Marketing and Client Experience Officer. "During our 60-plus years of providing financial coaching to our Nation's military families, we have consistently seen that military couples who are strongly committed to each other are best positioned to pursue lifelong financial security."

"We're humbly honored to partner with Bree Carroll's Military Marriage Day," said Taya Kyle, Founder of the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation (TACK-F). "Marriage impacts generations in a way nothing else does. Our experience and research show how different military marriages are from civilian marriages. At TACK-F, we are dedicated to providing the tools service couples need to save their marriages. Military Marriage Day is an amazing virtual experience where couples will hear from others and know they are not alone, they are understood, and they are loved by people who get it."

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